Inktober Contest

Inktober Contest! November 1st-November 14th

The Inktober Contest is our very first contest of the year! We are inviting you to submit your top 3 drawings from Inktober for a chance to get guaranteed publication in the 2018-2019 edition of Cellar Roots. The Cellar Roots team will choose the top 5 drawings to be published. Email your submissions to with your name and any other information you want us to know about your pieces. Email us if you have any questions or concerns as well. We look forward to your submissions!

Tools for the Artist: Twine

One of the most creative formats for writing is in giving the reader a choice. Interactive fiction, or choose your own adventure novels give a choice in how the reader will experience a story.

If you’ve ever wanted to give this format of shot, try out Twine a completely free software you can use online or via download.

Twine is easy to use once you get the hang of it, and with it you can create an interactive novel/game that can be viewed by others

Thread together written passages connected by links that Readers can click on to thread together their own version of your story! Try it out and see what you can create!

Flash Fiction Contest this Friday!

Join us Friday in room 352 to learn about flash fiction, to write your own there with provided prompts, and have it judged by the Cellar Roots literary team on the same night! A reading of the completed flash fiction is not mandatory but preferred! 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be featured and published in the upcoming issue. Laptops and other writing outlets are welcome.

Paper and pens will also be provided.


Tools for the Artist: Avoiding Social Media

If there is one thing the creative community has in common its the struggle of motivation. Sitting down for an hour or two and really concentrating on a drawing, a story you’ve been neglecting or music you’ve wanted to compose for awhile.

One of the main problems, especially with those working on their computer, is the constant need to look at that one facebook post, maybe scrolling just for a moment on Tumblr or definitely just one more video of the cat squeezing itself into a cracker box.

Here is a simple solution that forces you to concentrate on your work: Two websites/downloads that disable your social media accounts for whatever time you require so you can get your work done.

Now the first one is called StayFocused, link here:

Stay focused has a similar process as AdBlocker and the most standard option is free (If you want to be real hardcore then you can purchase options that can even remove icons from your computer)

Here is the second, Freedom link here:

Be warned that Freedom costs around three dollars a month, but I wanted to put this as an option as well. Feel free to check them out!

Art Workshop

Join us tomorrow for a free workshop by the Cellar Roots art team! Meet the editors and learn how to make a zine at a zine-making station or spend time working independently on your own artwork to submit and be considered for publication! Magazines, paper, scissors, and glue will be provided. Bring a notebook and a friend! If you plan on working independently you will have to provide your own supplies. All mediums are welcome!

It will take place in the Downing Hall Lounge at 6:30pm.