Tools for the Artist: Avoiding Social Media

If there is one thing the creative community has in common its the struggle of motivation. Sitting down for an hour or two and really concentrating on a drawing, a story you’ve been neglecting or music you’ve wanted to compose for awhile.

One of the main problems, especially with those working on their computer, is the constant need to look at that one facebook post, maybe scrolling just for a moment on Tumblr or definitely just one more video of the cat squeezing itself into a cracker box.

Here is a simple solution that forces you to concentrate on your work: Two websites/downloads that disable your social media accounts for whatever time you require so you can get your work done.

Now the first one is called StayFocused, link here:

Stay focused has a similar process as AdBlocker and the most standard option is free (If you want to be real hardcore then you can purchase options that can even remove icons from your computer)

Here is the second, Freedom link here:

Be warned that Freedom costs around three dollars a month, but I wanted to put this as an option as well. Feel free to check them out!

Music Showcase with DIME

Cellar Roots has teamed up with Detroit’s Institute for Music Education to bring you a showcase of EMU talent. The showcase will feature bands of current EMU Students, as well as Alumni and members of DIME playing music from alternative to jazz.

Come support these local talents on January 13th from 5-9pm at Cultivate Coffeehouse

Art Workshop

Join us tomorrow for a free workshop by the Cellar Roots art team! Meet the editors and learn how to make a zine at a zine-making station or spend time working independently on your own artwork to submit and be considered for publication! Magazines, paper, scissors, and glue will be provided. Bring a notebook and a friend! If you plan on working independently you will have to provide your own supplies. All mediums are welcome!

It will take place in the Downing Hall Lounge at 6:30pm. 


Donate to Cellar Roots This Giving Tuesday!

Hello, all!

Cellar Roots needs your help this Giving Tuesday!

Cellar Roots has been publishing student works of art, fiction, poetry, and photography since 1971. A five-time award winner of the National Pacemaker award for design and more, Cellar Roots continues to give EMU students an opportunity to become published writers and artists. This year, Cellar Roots has a team of 15 diverse, dedicated, and hard-working undergraduates who are working to bring Cellar Roots back to students since a hiatus. Your generosity could help us continue our purpose of student publication as well as being an opportunity for students to get a hands-on experience as editors, designers, and event coordinators. It can also help us to enhance our website and bring more events to help writers and artists on campus get their work out to the public. We hope to establish a community of student writers and artists on campus. As of now, we do not have enough money for a print publication and will be publishing via online but with your help students can have a book copy of their work this school year that can be shared by many!

Here’s how you can help: The link to the EMU Foundation’s giving page is below. To give to Cellar Roots please enter in the designated fund box 00825 (Student Media Development) and then in the notes specify “Cellar Roots” so that we can separate Cellar Roots donations from the Echo donations.

Thank you for reading and for your generosity,

Kelsey Hawkins- Johnson

Creative Writing Workshop

Do you enjoy writing or need help with your writing? Join us next week for a free workshop by the Cellar Roots literary team! Meet the editors and enjoy a fun night of discussion, games, and, of course, writing! This workshop is where you can work on your writing skills and craft with fellow students and in the future have the chance to perform your work AND submit to the magazine to be considered for publication!

It will take place on Nov. 10 at 7:00 pm in King Hall Lounge. Bring a notebook. Pens are provided! Open to EMU students only.

Questions? Email Kelsey Hawkins -Johnson (