We are always looking to add new members to the team!

Cellar Roots offers many opportunities for involvement and is open to all majors. If you are interested in being a part of Cellar Roots, please take a moment to browse the staff positions and their descriptions, then fill out this handy Google Form to tell us which positions you are most interested in!

For additional inquiries regarding open positions, please email us at


Editor in Chief
Oversees all aspects of the creation of the magazine. This person is in charge of coordinating and leading meetings, as well as creating a general plan/goals for the year. Leads members and all final decisions go through this person.

Assistant Editor
 Helps the Editor-in-Chief with overseeing the magazine.  Goes through final edits with the copy editors, oversees the website and social media accounts, as well as other tasks to help keep the magazine running smoothly.    

Submissions Coordinator
Looks through submission content to check and make sure they meet submission guidelines. Takes notes of all of the people who submitted. Monitors the email and communicates regularly with submitters and answers questions.

Copy Editor
Ensures all written materials are free of errors, accurate, and easy to read. Works with both online and print publication. Sharp eye for detail and must have knowledge of the English language. Decides on “maybe” submissions.

Fiction Editor
Oversees the fiction/non-fiction submissions. Edits grammar, style, accuracy and length to fit the space allotted in the magazine. Selects the works to be considered for publication. Make sure all meet submission guidelines. Must have knowledge of all forms, style, prose writing and the ability to teach others.

Poetry Editor
Oversees the poetry submissions.  Edits grammar, style, accuracy and length to fit the space allotted in the magazine. Make sure poetry meets submission guidelines. Select poems to be considered for publication. Must have knowledge of all poetry form and style.

Visual Arts Editor
Oversees the submission of all art submitted (painting, drawing, photography, ect). Lead the Art workshops. Selects art to be considered for publication. Must have a broad knowledge of content related to visual art.

Layout and Design Editor
Oversees the design and layout focus of the magazine. Responsible for designing the format of publications. Utilize layout software to assemble text, photographs, and other visual content to look aesthetically pleasing and readable. InDesign and Photoshop necessary.

Digital Media Specialist
Oversees website for submission and creative engagement. Updates the website weekly. Makes sure the site stays clean and professional. In charge of social media outreach. 

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Responsible for promoting the magazine to the student body of EMU. Handles flyers, event coordinating, and public relations. Photography and graphic design skills are a plus.