Davey Al


Al Davey is a second year student at Eastern Michigan University with a double major in Creative Writing and Communication and a minor in Psychology. Last year Al worked with Cellar Roots as the Non-Fiction editor as well as the Poetry editor, and is very excited to serve as Editor-in-Chief. Al has both self-published a collection of poetry, and had individual pieces published in anthologies. With plans to publish a second book this summer, Al can be found fervently writing, editing, and revising during most free time.

Ezinga Josie

Managing Editor

Josi Ezinga is a second year student at Eastern Michigan University. She is a social work intent and hopes to be accepted into the program soon. She works as the Managing Editor for Cellar Roots, and is very excited to see what pieces the magazine will bring in this year. In her free time, she can be seen reading, watching movies, petting her roommate’s cat, and working at Meijer.

Robison KaylaRose

Website Editor/Submission Coordinator

KaylaRose Robison is a student at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Finance. Some of her favorite books include The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and 1984 by George Orwell. One goal she aims to complete in her lifetime is to write a phenomenal fantasy or science fiction novel.

Reeder Rheanna

Fiction Editor/Nonfiction Editor

Rheanna Reeder is a sophomore from Saginaw, MI. She is majoring in Social Work and minoring in Women’s and Gender studies. She discovered her love for writing in the fourth grade and has since developed a deep passion for arts in its many forms that continues to grow to this day.  Her favorite authors include but are definitely not limited to Kurt Vonnegut, J.K. Rowling, Toni Morrison, Sherman Alexie, and many, many more. You can usually find her reading, writing, studying (or browsing the internet). or cuddling with her cat, Simone.

Vermeulen Abigail

Poetry Editor

Abigail Vermeulen studies international affairs with a minor in creative writing. Right now, her passions are focused on poetry, Rebecca Solnit, Renee Gladman, Richard Hugo, queer theory, and water.

Kornacki Maria

Visual Arts Editor

Maria Kornacki is a senior majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Language, Literature, and Writing.  This is her 2nd year as a Cellar Roots staff member and her 2nd as visual arts editor.  Writing has many different aspects to it, such as reading, which she finds enjoyable.  Reading is also a helpful tool for her writing inspiration.  There is a visual aspect to writing/language as well, which is why she wanted to help out with the visual arts for Cellar Roots.

Herndon Tatiaira

Assistant Editor

Tatiaira Herndon is a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University majoring in creative writing. With a fierce passion for writing, specifically poetry, Tatiaira hopes to someday piece together her own short book composed of a collection of her poems. Apart from writing, Tatiaira enjoys drawing and listening to music on her free time. This is Tatiaira’s first year working with Cellar Roots, and she was happy to become an addition to the team.

Srinivasan Smrithi

Marketing Director

Smrithi Srinivasan is a sophomore and the Marketing Director for Cellar Roots. She is majoring in Management and Computer Information Systems. When she isn’t in class, she’s most likely to be found reading comics or stories, watching animations, or volunteering. Smrithi has always liked to read since she was in middle school and her love of literature grew as time went on.  This is her second year with Cellar Roots, but this is her first time as a Marketing Director for the group. Last year, she was an Assistant Editor and helped out in the literary section of the club. This year, she hopes the new position will expand her horizons and make her learn many things along the way.

Ahern Lauren


Lauren Ahern is a freshman from Farmington Hills, MI, who plans to major in something English related. She hopes to become a Disney princess in the future, but realizes that’s unrealistic so she’s looking at editing instead. She loves watching movies (especially Disney movies), watching TV, reading, and exercising.

Mohammed Waterboy


Mohammed is a senior at Eastern Michigan University and has lived in Ann Arbor for most of his life. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, hanging with his cat, and writing stories. He currently has plans on going into higher education and loves the world of academia. Feel free to say hello to him if you see him walking around campus!