Submission Deadline: April 08, 2018

General Guidelines

There is not a theme for this issue.

Submit all poetry and prose entries as a word document (.doc or .docx). If you are submitting multiple items, do so in separate emails.

Each email entry’s subject line should include “Cellar Roots Submission – Genre” (Poetry, Fiction , Art, etc). The recommended format within the email is shown below.

All students are allowed five submissions.

All inquiries about submissions must be made via email.

Email Submission Format – sample submissions can be found here

  • Preferred Name (first and last)
  • Pen Name (if used)
  • Contact Info
  • Major and Year
  • Title of work
  • Please give a 100-word artist’s statement/synopsis of your work to give the judges insight into work. This does not apply to poetry, flash fiction or songs with lyrics.
  • Dimensions
    • Film: Include length and resolution
    • Music: Include length
    • Visual art: Include length and height in inches, and resolution of the image (if known)
    • Written work: Include word count
  • Cast/Crew: This applies to music and film. Please supply us with the names of your cast and crew, and indicate which are students.

Submit all pieces exactly as you expect the judges to review them. In other words, don’t expect anyone to edit your work; it is up to you to do that before submitting. If you need help with editing poetry or prose, visit the Writing Center on campus.

All accepted music and film submissions will be published on the Cellar Roots website and/or YouTube. However, selected frames from film submissions and lyrics can be incorporated into the hard-copy magazine. All work is to be submitted electronically.

For Any Submission

Work containing disturbing or graphic content should be tagged with a warning. Examples include: Extreme violence, sexual themes, rape/non-con, intense gore, self-harm, etc.

Genre Specific Guidelines


  • Submissions must be double-spaced and in 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • 5,000 word limit
  • You may submit up to five fiction pieces, but word count sum may not exceed 5,000
  • You may submit up to three flash fiction pieces as long as those three submissions combined does not exceed the 5,000-word limit
  • Fiction entries can be an excerpt from a larger work. Please only send us the excerpt, not the entire piece. If the piece is accepted, we will request the complete copy, which be will be made available on the Cellar Roots website.


  • Poems should be typed, single-spaced, in 12pt Times New Roman
  • Each poem must not exceed 1,000 words
  • You may submit a maximum of five entries

Creative Nonfiction

  • Submissions must be double-spaced and in 12pt Times New Roman
  • Submit only one non-fiction piece, not to exceed 5,000 words
  • You may submit up to three short nonfiction pieces as long as those three submissions does not exceed the 5,000-word limit

Visual 2D or 3D Art

  • Submit in JPEG format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Insufficient resolution may negatively affect the desirability of your work for inclusion in our journal.
  • If you are submitting a photograph of your 3D art piece, the photos may be taken from as many angles as you desire. Please specify in your email that your submission is of a 3D piece, and not a photography submission.
    • If the 3D piece was not made by you, please specify the artist’s name. The artist must also be an EMU student.
  • If you are having issues in taking photos of your work, please contact Cellar Roots via email

Film, animation, performance art

  • Upload your films/performance to Vimeo, YouTube or your website and email us the link. Films can be between 30 seconds and 20 minutes (not including end credits).
  • If your film is chosen you will be contacted and asked to send a drive with your film so we can upload it to our Youtube channel or website


  • The following formats are preferred: mp4, mov, mpg, avi.
  • If the song has lyrics please add a written copy in a word document
  • All music must be original (no covers)

Please submit your art, poetry, prose, music, film/video to: